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RAP4 T68 M249 Saw Para Paintball Machine Gun/Marker

RAP4 T68 M249 Saw Para Paintball Machine Gun/Marker

Manufacturer: Real Action Paintball
SKU: 004388
MPN: PK004388
UPC: 844596027252
Price: $2,249.99
Retail: $2,499.99
You Save: $250.00
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RAP4 T68 M249 SAW Paintball Gun:
- .68 caliber system
- Compatible with marking rounds, rubber rounds, clear rounds and less lethal rounds
- Selective firing mode (semi/burst/auto)
- 200 round loader
- All metal construction
- Works with CO2 / Compressed Air / HPA / Nitrogen
- Maximum range: 300 feet
- Effective range: 150 feet
- Velocity 300-350 fps (adjustable)
- Weight 15lbs
- One year warranty

The M249 SAW paintball gun is a lightweight, gas-operated, 200 round magazine-tube-fed, individually portable paintball-machine-gun capable of delivering a large volume of effective fire. The M249 provides accurate fire on par with the accuracy of a regular marker, yet gives the heavy volume of fire common to a machine gun. The M249 replaces two automatic M16A1 rifles in the rifle squad on a two-for-one basis in all infantry type units and in other units requiring high firepower.

The M249 SAW paintball gun fires standard .68 caliber paintballs using a standard 200 round loader, with realistic selective firing modes: semi, 3 round burst and full auto at 420 rounds per minute. The unit features all metal construction and weighs 15lbs. The M249 SAW operates with both CO2 and compressed air, using a remote line.

The M249 Para is a compact model. It features a metallic, retractable stock and a shorter barrel. It was designed to be a versatile tool, as its compact dimensions make it desirable in any paintball-combat scenario.
M249 Para Version

The M249 SAW series paintball gun provides a valuable, realistic training tool for military combat training and gives operators a true-to-life feel…as if they are training with their duty gear.

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