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Tippmann A5 M249 SAW Style Upgrade Kit

Tippmann A5 M249 SAW Style Upgrade Kit

Manufacturer: Real Action Paintball
UPC: 844596065025
Price: $409.95
Retail: $429.00
You Save: $19.05
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This complete Tippmann A5 M249 SAW Machine Gun Kit is one of the best available that turns your Tippmann A5 to look like a true M249 SAW. The kit is all metal construction and takes only minutes to install.

Package Includes :
- 1 x RIS Muzzle Brake
- 1 x 18 Inch Rifled Barrel
- 1 x Samurai Integrated Flip Up Front Sight
- 1 x M249 SAW Body Shroud
- 1 x Machine Gun RIS Bipod
- 1 x Vertical Grip
- 1 x M249 SAW Storage Magazine
- 1 x 450 Round Offset Hopper
- 1 x SAW Buttstock

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